Cheers to 25!

All I can think about is that in just five years I will be 30! Just kidding!

My birthday came on June 23, and while it was approaching, I reflected a lot about my life, what I have done in 25 years, where I am, doing what and with who. All the celebration, food and drinks came with a lot of questions, and the answers? They are supposed to come along as well, but they don’t. Sometimes it takes longer to figure out a lot of things.

By questions I mean the simple ones that I have been struggling to figure it out. What to do? What do I like? What am I good at? Where do I wanna go? Where do I wanna live? Well, once 25 is here and I still haven’t gotten much together, I will set up this goal for when I reach 30, by them I should be fine.

I read a post on Vice website the other day called “25 Things You Should Start Doing Now That you are 25.” Here is the list according to the website and why most of the items don’t apply to me: (Should I be worried?)

1 – Get your financial shit together – I still got no real job, not one that I can live out of it, and have no savings at this moment. It will take a while to figure my financial situation.

2 – Decide what friends you want to have some memories with – Fortunately I have been blessed with good and loyal friends, the ones back home that have been part of my entire life and the ones I have met along the way more recently.

3 – Learn something new – I will learn how to cook. Last week I tried to fry an egg to eat with bread and it didn’t work. I can’t live like that anymore.

4 – Listen to your parents – Always. Most of the time I mean. Okay sometimes! Angelina e Natal don’t always make sense, but I still love them. At the end I know they were right.

5 – Get some basic home maintenance skills – I don’t have a home right now. I will worry about that later.

6 – Fuc….. do something you’ve always wanted to do – I’ve always wanted to hug a real panda. Should I give up everything and go to China look for one? Maybe.

7 – Be the coolest uncle or auntie possible – I am no one auntie to even think about that.

8 – Do something with your weekends – I usually work on weekends, what is something.

9 – Learn to cook at least one decent meal – Go back and read number 3.

10 – Learn how to roast the shit out of a chicken – Well, let’s focus on the eggs first (number 3).

11 – Never let your battery die – Just did.

12 – Start Editing Your Past – Editing this blog is enough of editing for me.

13 – …But go back and laugh at your youth – Ok!

14 – Realize that getting a ton of groceries is cool – YES! Best feeling in the entire world!

15 – Save animals or something – yes because animals are nicer than most people.

16 – Start giving change to the homeless – I need to make some change first.

17 – Learn how to live with someone else – I prefer living alone.

18 – Start doing your weird sex stuff while sober – hum, let’s find a boyfriend.

19 – Look after your body – What about churrasco and beer? Can’t live without it.

20 – Own one nice thing you would save from a fire if your house burned down – My coffee maker.

21 – Get a job you like – Does that exist?

22 – Give a shit about politics – I try.

23 – Stop trying to be your heroes – I don’t even know who they are.

24 – Brunch – I have done since I got here 4 years ago. Just love it!

25 – Embrace the novelty of growing up – Working on it!

Jokes aside, it is a good time and that list doesn’t bother me. I have been nothing but blessed my entire life with an amazing family, health and great friends. The fact that I haven’t figure out a lot of aspects of my life by 25 makes me wonder the reasons for that. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and at the right time.

I also realize that it is time to make changes and make decisions. Set up a goal and go for it. Once I have all the support I need from my family and friends, I feel that nothing is impossible or unachievable. However, it is on me to make it happen. So many dreams, including the panda one, that if I don’t start adjusting in life and start making things happen will not become true.

I wish myself and anyone that is around the same age and fells somehow the same a year with a lot of surprises, challenges, failures and overcomes, maturity, curiosity and joy. If I pass my last two summer classes, I should be officially done by this week, and there is no more school type of excuses. It is also time to stop procrastinating too much, like I did with this blog.

The Summer Solstice on June 21, 2018 kicked off Cancer season. As a Cancer, I have never related to it too much. The little I have read about it never seemed to make much sense. I used to think the only relation between me and my sign was that the symbol for Cancer is a crab and I like eating crabs.

That is because I have never been into astrology at all and didn’t know nothing about it. But once my birthday was approaching again, I spent some time learning about my sign and that yes, it makes sense.

“Cancer season is about drawing us home, whether it’s back to a place that we already had but perhaps had forgotten the importance of, or to somewhere new to start building that life together. There is going to be no scaping where our hearts want to lead us,” wrote Kate Rose.

More sense than that, impossible. Cancer is about what matters most, love and family, and that is everything. I am here right now because I know we will support each other no matter what. Their love is what makes me strong and bold to try different things in different places. Things that I have always wanted to do but would not be possible without my family. All the struggles, challenges, failures and accomplishments mean something because I have all those special people to share with. As always, love makes everything better.


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