Monday! The official day to start over. A diet, a workout plan, a project, a new routine, new habits, whatever. There is nothing that you cannot start over on a Monday. It is a like a second chance for, in fact, almost everything. It’s a fresh breeze that we get every week in the middle of this busy, loud and polluted society we live in. That’s why Mondays are here, so we can try again.

Mondays are powerful. They can predict how the week ahead of you will develop. If you plan to start new eating habits on a Monday and somehow that goes off the track because of an unexpected dinner invitation or that friend who decides to show up with a pizza to watch The Bachelorette, if you are like me, you are going to postpone the new start for next Monday. If you plan to start waking up early and exercising and you don’t do it Monday, you won’t do it Tuesday. Maybe next Monday, and so goes on.

Mondays can be the fuel you need to begin something new. Start off your week right and you will get motivated to continue to make the days ahead of you worthwhile, after all you don’t want to waste that effort you have made.

Mondays are misunderstood. They should be generally loved instead of hated. We joke when Monday is here while we should be grateful it is. We complain constantly because we must go back to work. Aren’t we supposed to love, or at least enjoy, our jobs? If Monday comes and you are never happy about it, maybe something is wrong and it’s not Monday’s fault.

Our lives are summed in this journey for happiness and fulfillment that sometimes we seem not to find it. I see Monday as a day to evaluate my life. How I feel on Monday says a lot about my current situation. By the answers of the questions I ask myself every Monday, I realize that something is still missing. Monday works as an alert to not give up, not settle down. If you, like me, has not found your purpose in life, Monday is here to start new things, new challenges, new habits, everything you decide in order to find your own purpose and if we fail, next Monday will be here in a couple days and we will be ready waiting for it.

Let’s challenge ourselves every Monday. Small and simple challenges for the week that can, even slightly, make a difference for us and for the others. Its not only about ourselves. The world does not need more selfish and careless people right now. Look at your surroundings, pay attention, and do something good.

Let’s earn our Monday, rain or shine, and not take it for granted. One day, when we stop and realize we look forward for the week to start, it means we are on the right track. Until then, we keep trying new things and we keep looking for what makes us happy, and we embrace every Monday.

Happy Monday!

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